Sawtellian & Young Sawtellian
of the Year 2022

Nominations are now open for the two categories of 2022 Sawtellian of the Year.

Sawtellian of the Year has been running for many years being awarded each New Year’s Day at the Sawtell Super Fund Day at the Village Green, Sawtell Beach Holiday Park.

This year saw the introduction of Young Sawtellian of the Year for our young achievers up to the age of 18 as at 31 December 2021 who have made a significant contribution to the Sawtell community.

This year’s winners were Mick McGavigan and Maggie McConnachie, co-incidentally both from the Sawtell Surf Club. 

Any person, club, school or organisation can nominate up to two persons they consider are worthy of recognition. Nominations can be one for each category or two for any one category but the nominee’s contribution must relate to the community of Sawtell.

Nominating someone is now easier than ever. Just Click on the LINK or download the Nomination Form which can be emailed back to  Any questions, give Keith a call on 0438 269 210.

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Mick McGavigan
2021 Sawtellian of the Year

Mick has been a volunteer with the Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club for the past 20 years, donating his time 7 days per week, 365 days per year keeping the clubhouse, lawns and gardens in sparkling condition for the enjoyment of the local community and visitors
Margaret (Maggie)
2021 Young Sawtellian
of the Year

Maggie has been training with the Sawtell Surf Club since the age of 5, has been a volunteer patrol member for the past 4 years and trains Nippers each Sunday.

She is a keen competitor in many surfing events participated in the 24-Hour Row raising money and awareness for Mental Health, winning the 2020 Iron Women event at the Manly Carnival, 1st place in the Board and Ironwomen events and 3rd in the swim at the SLS Country Championships. Maggie won the Sawtell Rookie of the Year for 2018/19 and received the award for the best competitor in 2019/20.

Sawtellian of the Year Recipients

2021 - Mick McGavigan

2020 - Jill Nash

2019 - Graham King

2018 - Norelle Reeves

2017 - Arthur Smart

2016 - Paul Shuttleworth

2015 - William (Bill) Singleton

2014 - Neville Learmonth

2013 - Douglas "Kojak" Duncombe

2012 - Phil Jacobson

2011 - Gwen Herdegen

2010 - Terry de Carle

2009 - Norma Romeril

2008 - Jack Spencer

2007 - Lorraine White

2006 - Maureen Trezise

2005 - Jim Cross

2004 - Ian Hodges

2003 - Bob Leayr

2002 - Peter Turner

2001 - Keith Rhoades

2000 - Marie McGuire

1999 - Tom Kermode

1998 - Dot Rowe

1997 - Bok Rowe

1996 - Margaret Higgins

1995 - Colleen Goodwin

1994 - Pam Worland

1993 - Harry Weller

1992 - David Jones

1991 - Rhonda Hudson

1990 - Rex Hardaker

1989 - Betty Hobbs

1988 - Ray Hillery

1987 - Mick Stanley

Young Sawtellian of the Year Recipients

2021 - Margaret (Maggie) McConnachie